I have worked with Harry for the past year to understand tax law and various investment vehicles...
- K.H., MD

We were impressed by the time you took to really understand our current financial picture, as well as our priorities and goals.
- K.B.

You have continuously made yourself available to speak to us "after hours" to accommodate my schedule as an orthopedic surgeon.
- M.Z., MD

You have made doing our taxes a flawless process and have gone out of your way to answer all of our questions.
- D.C.

When we were randomly selected for an IRS audit earlier this year, we had no doubt that things would go as smoothly as they in fact did...
- D.G.

Harry has been indispensable both during my tenure as an associate and my transition to equity partner...
- N.A.K.

You are on top of the latest tax laws, the most advanced methods for gaining deductions and expeditiously filing returns...
- A.G., DMD

The personal service and attention that you have given both my companies and my family is so refreshing.
- M.A.S.

Your knowledge and advice have been valuable in understanding and securing appropriate life insurance and disability coverage.
- S.G.M., MD